I don’t understand like Bastille is so special bc every single one of their songs are really beautiful, not even one of them is like “nah” and that is something that has never happened to me before with a band. I just love them so much


Dan Smith’s solo career songs have me deeply concerned about his state of well being at the time; they’re quite intensely emotional and pretty damn raw, which is great and frankly almost refreshing every now and again, but with him it was just every. damn. song.

I kinda want to give him a hug and tell him it’s okay idk


when dan spilled water on the laptop

such a dork

Kyle: If you were a rapper, what would your name be?
Will: Will da Beast


my whole life is just “oh ok”


Best $1.85 I have ever spent.


My Pompeii snapchats are amazing..

“It’s quite interesting, traveling a lot, and seeing the differences, but also just the commonalities… Literally everywhere you go, the differences always seem quite superficial once you actually scratch the surface… People just want to have a good time, don’t they, and get on with it.” — Will Farquarson, being really deep X (via van-de-nacht)


it’s so embarrassing when you’re completely lost in a song singing along and doing your thing and someone walks in


@ boston common, september 2013

oh hello

Do you think that you are going to make some music into Twin Peaks this season?


A Photo a Day x Dan Smith (10/100)

#reasons to love dan smith #fucking dork

I’ve just found out that in my class there’s a guy that looks exactly like Dan.
I’m gonna die within the end of the first term!



This was Dan’s reaction to seeing me (you can see my hand) i was saying “YOU’RE REAL!” and he says “I AM REAL! YOU ARE TOO!” and then like i just told him how i love him so much and he just told me how thankful he was for me to come out and ugh he is so precious. I hugged him like 5 billion times and then on the last one i fricken kissed him on the cheek cause i was so nervous haha. Now i’m suffering from post concert depression!

Aaaaaaa! Gurl I almost pissed myself just by reading this